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Berthoud Aspin leather saddle

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Excellent quality leather saddle.

Designed and engineered for traveling by bike and traveling long distances, this model will give you maximum comfort with a slightly inclined torso position. After a hundred kilometers they adapt to your shape and you will no longer be able to change it.

The components of these saddles allow for easy maintenance.
Adjusting the tension of the leather and any disassembly/reassembly is only possible with a 5 mm Allen key and a TX20 torx wrench.

Main features :

  1. Vegetable tanned leather
  2. Highly resistant technical composite back plate and as well as the tip parts for flexing and vibration damping.
  3. Saddle bag loops
  4. Leather attachment points away from seat area to avoid friction
  5. Leather securely attached and easily removable thanks to 7 or 9 stainless steel screws and brass washers
  6. Fully repairable
  7. Patented anti-torsion brace and skin tensioning system


    Leather seat, steel structure


    Length 278mm
    Weight 500gr