In 2016, without any particular physical preparation, I recovered the old mountain bike that I had been given at the age of 9 and crossed the Apennines for 2 weeks.

That experience changed my idea of ​​travel forever, fully benefiting from every single km, meeting, or experience so much so that it became my main means of transport in the city.

Over time I have deepened my knowledge of mechanics by carrying out many technical modifications and evaluating various customizations both for the city and for travel.

I so wanted a place that contained the products that helped me make cycling even more enjoyable that I created it.

I believe that the bike is not a vehicle for the exclusive use of extreme athletes, or Olympians, but is above all a way to be happy, and happiness belongs to everyone.


I like to think of the bicycle as an extension of one's personality, made up of experiences and memories.

I would like to help anyone who has an old bike to make it unique, to make it evolve according to their needs, ready to accompany them on their adventures.


  • Sustainability

    We support ecological mobility, giving a second life to the vehicle you love.

  • Customization

    The bike is an extension of your personality . We dedicate time and passion to researching products that can make it stand out.