E tu che Ciclista sei?

What kind of cyclist are you?

I am convinced that currently in Italy, hidden in garages, there are more bicycles than cars. Yet there are many fewer cyclists than motorists.

There is no point in hiding the convenience of the car, which over time has reduced distances and played a central role in families. But how beautiful are the stories of our grandparents who went to "make love" with their future wife, who lived 20km away, with the only means of transport they had? The bike.

I'm not nostalgic, but I believe that the bicycle, over time, has lost its traditional role and also the simplest one: that of a means of transport.

Today it is more common for it to be considered a sport, or a sporting tool, a collector's item, or an antique, but still few people, even if it is growing rapidly, consider it an excellent way to get around.

How many of your acquaintances don't ride a bike because they think they no longer have the body? Or do they think they have to wear ridiculous onesies? Or others who think they have a priceless object in their grandparents' garage, which they will one day restore?

I firmly believe that there are many future cyclists, who perhaps will recover old Trubbiani MTBs from the 90s or Legnanos from the 70s, or other excellent frames, to transform them into perfect bikes to use every day, or to make a nice travel, or even in a fixie to goof around; anyway to use it.

Due to my professional bias, I had fun creating a small survey to describe the "current" cyclists with 3 caricatures:

  • Bro Level:
    • You spend more time talking about it with friends than using it

    • When you see another one that you like you feel the need to compare its weight with yours

    • If you didn't perform well, it's because of dinner the day before

  • Urban commuter:
    • It must be rusty and inconspicuous so they don't steal it from you
    • You changed at least 4 seats because comfort comes first
    • All you're missing is the cooler for the beers, but in general you could propose yourself as a representative of handlebar accessories.
  • Dandy:
    • No easel either, thanks
    • The tires always match the socks
    • You like to slalom in pedestrian areas, especially with new jeans

    Which one do you see yourself in the most?

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    I copertoni sono sempre in pendant con le calze.

    Maurizio Di Fant

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